Nurarihyon no Mago drama CD

Цурара и небольшая влюбленность, Tsurara and a small love. 雪女と、小さな恋と.
Здесь можно прослушать (почти полчаса!).

Персонажи: Аотабо, Кана, Кеджоро, Кьецугу, Рикуо, Цурара.

Yuki Onna and a small Love 雪女と、小さな恋と

Tsurara's Narration: I think this is unbeknownst to the viewers. Protecting master is my mission. The moment we are in school, we must always keep master within of our field of vision. Because of this, I am always by master's side. That's why i didn't know that someone is watching me, while I am looking after master....

(Nura house)

Rikuo: Ittekimasu!

Aotabo: Aaah, please wait, Waka {young master}! Forgetting me will cause me difficulties. Today, I will be your bodyguard for the whole day!

Rikuo: Alright, there's no need to strive that hard.... I do not wish to be regard as weird in school.

Aotabo: Oh? Where is Yuki-Onna? This is the time where Waka should be leaving for school! Oi! Yuki-Onna! Yuki-Onna!

*sound of door opening*

Tsurara: What's the matter, Aotabo? So early in the morning?

Aotabo: This is not the time to be asking what's the matter? Now is the time for Waka to be leaving for school.

Tsurara: Ah!

Aotabo: Really, don't tell me that you've forgotten?

Tsurara: No.... no way!.. How can that happened..! Well~~We should get going~

Aotabo: In your youkai form?

Tsurara: Aaaaahh?!

Rikuo: Tsurara, what happened to you?

Tsurara: What happened... what do you mean?

Rikuo: Well... you are acting funny.

Tsurara: Funny?! In what way do others find me very laughable?? {note: okashii can mean funny; laughable; strange; eccentric; improper; unsuitable; suspicious}

Rikuo: I do not mean funny as in comical...

Aotabo: Exactly how slow witted can she be after waking... this rascal.

Tsurara: Who's the rascal? Using this word on a girl...

Aotabo: Whatever! You, still want to be waka's bodyguard?

Tsurara: Isn't that already confirmed? That's why I always go to school with master everyday! That's right.. it's only because of this.. for other things, I...

Rikuo: Tsurara?

Tsurara: No problem, waka! I will do my best to be waka's bodyguard! Well.. let's go!! *sound of running off*

Aotabo: Oi!! Didn't I said that you are still in youkai form?! Oi!! Yuki-Onna!!!

Rikuo: ....Tsurara...

(Sound of after School bell) (Activities after school)

Kiyotsugu: Kiyojuji Paranormal Patrol members! I am thankful that you're here after school! Ah, but in the unknown world of darkness and in order to reveal the secret of youkai, come! Let us start today's activities with zeal! *sounds of clapping*

Rikuo: Kiyotsugu kun sure is in high spirits today.

Kana: Should be "today too", right?

Rikuo: that's right, Kana chan.

Kiyotsugu: Over there!! Do not talk about other things! Oh well, recently you did not integrate in our activities!

Rikuo: no... instead of saying recently, might as well said from the beginning....

Kiyotsugu: Anyway, you all should look at her!

Rikuo: Her? ..eh?

Kiyotsugu: Look! Unlike you guys who are spouting useless words, she is listening to me keenly. Absolutely wonderful! This is how a member should behave! Hmm hmm

Kana: *whispering* Is she listening?

Kiyotsugu: Well, Oikawa kun, today I would like to hear what you have to say. Is there any powerful youkai encounter which you wish to report to me?

Tsurara: *sigh*

Kiyotsugu: There's no need for politeness! Come! Say it in front of everyone!

Tsurara: *sigh* what should I do?

Kiyotsugu: Ooooohhh~~ don't tell me that you have made a huge discovery and are troubled over which part to share? Excellent!!! Really excellent!!! Oikawa kun!

Tsurara: Wh...what!?

Kiyotsugu: Ok! Today will be solely for Oikawa kun to share. Come! Oikawa kun! *sound of footsteps* {I think he is moving closer to tsurara}
Tsurara: Come again? What?

Kiyotsugu: There's no need to be polite! Ah, my anticipating heart is dancing~~ What do you wish to share? School's strange tales? Strange happenings in the dead of the night? Or mysteries from foreign lands?

Tsurara: *gasps* you're too close. It's ho.. hot!

Kiyotsugu: Aaahhh~~ I can't wait~~~ Come, faster! Faster!!

Tsurara: Mo! I already said it's too hot!!! *blow*

Kiyotsugu: Ah! *froze* A..h....c..a...n...'.t...... m...o....v....e....

Kana: Wait... Kiyotsugu kun?!

Rikuo: What are you doing, Oikawa san!?!

Tsurara: Ah.... because... because... *frustrated* *sound of running away*

Rikuo: Aah! Oikawa san!!

Kana: Ne~ Rikuo kun, i saw Oikawa san seem to be blowing something white towards Kiyotsugu kun....

Rikuo: Eh! Ah.. how can that be? You must have seen wrongly, Kana chan.

Kana: Then.. why is Kiyotsugu kun...?

Rikuo: That's... because... oh yeah! Didn't Kiyotsugu kun often told some really scary stories?

Kana: Scary stories?

Rikuo: Kiyotsugu kun is in current state due to some cursed story.

Kana: cursed story?

Rikuo: As I thought.. this {bluff} is not enough? {i think he is thinking this to himself}
Kana: I see! This might be possible~

Rikuo: *to himself* She believed??!?

Kana: But why did Oikawa san run away? It's just like escaping.

Rikuo: That's right! I will bring Tsura..... Oikawa san back...

Kana: Uh.. Rikuo kun! Mo... what really is the relationship between Rikuo kun and Oikawa san?

(School Rooftop) *sound of door opening*

Rikuo: Aah, finally found her. What is the matter? She actually went to the rooftop.

Tsurara: That's why..... you are putting me in a spot.

Rikuo: Who is Tsurara talking to? Seem to be a guy? Who is he?

Tsurara: Anyway, this is difficult for me! Bye! *Breathing hard and sounds of running*

Rikuo: Ah, she's coming!

Tsurara: Ah!

Rikuo: Ah....

Tsurara: Waka! When were you here...?

Rikuo: I just came.. By the way, who is that guy?

Tsurara: Nothing there! Nothing! Let's go, waka!

Rikuo: Aahh Why? Suddenly....

Tsurara: It's very cold here. You will catch a cold if you stand too long. Come~~

Rikuo: Holding my hand in this manner is even colder... ouch.. Tsurara!!

(Nura House)

Rikuo: That's what happened. I felt Tsurara is acting strange.

Aotabo: Same as what waka had mentioned, she is behaving surreptitiously in school. Any views on this, Kejourou?

Kejourou: *Sigh* Waka and Aotabo too... are really hopeless by the way. {after many replays, i'm pretty sure that i've heard 本当、所で駄目なんだから... the chinese translation doesn't make sense}

Rikuo n Aotabo: Huh?

Kejourou: There's will be only one reason why a girl will behave abnormally.

Rikuo: I see..

Aotabo; And you know?

Kejourou: Well, you really don't understand?

Aotabo: What the hell, stop beating around the bush and tell us quickly!

Kejourou: *sigh*~~ oh well, that is Love.

Rikuo: Eh?

Aotabo: What?

Kejourou: Therefore, it's L.o.v.e! Yuki Onna has fallen in Love with somebody.

Rikuo: Love what!? Tsurara???!!!! [Waka, being so shocked, is a good sign ]

(after lesson)

Rikuo: Well.... Tsurara....

Tsurara: Yes.. Waka? Taking the initiative to talk to me during school is really rare... may I know what's the matter?

Rikuo: There's something I wish to ask you.....

Tsurara: Wish to ask me?!

Rikuo: Ah that is.. it's alright if you do not wish to answer, but everyone is concerned {about you}

Tsurara: I did not hide anything ah~~ ah haha....

Rikuo: ...Tsurara....

Tsurara: *door opening* Oh no! Break time is ending soon~ Should go back to class... ah haha... ah haha...

Rikuo: oh.. she left..

Kana: Rikuo kun.

Rikuo: Ah Kana chan?!

Kana: What were you and Oikawa san discussing about?

Rikuo: Uuh... what... it's unimportant...

Kana: Na, is it that incident?

Rikuo: Huh? That incident?

Kana: Eh? It's not? Sorry! Nothing!

Rikuo: Ne, if you know anything, can you tell me?

Kana: But if i said it....

Rikuo: *interrupt* Kana chan!

Kana: I just heard from a friend too... so, I am also not sure what had happened....

Aotabo: *door opening* That's okay, quick tell us!

Rikuo & Kana: Ah!

Rikuo: Ao.. wrong.. Kurata kun!

Aotabo: What has happened to that fellow?

Kana: That is... that...

Rikuo: Stop it, Kurata kun. You are scaring Kana chan

Aotabo: But this had made us very concerned, isn't Waka the same?

Rikuo: Yes, that's right...

Kana: What I have heard is that Oikawa san had received a love letter...

Rikuo: EH!!????

Aotabo: Yuki Onna that fellow??

Rikuo & Aotabo: Love Letter??!??

Kana: Yuki Onna?

Rikuo: AAaaaa! No!! He said wrongly... or that he has thought mistakenly..

Aotabo: Uh, anyway, is it true? That love letter...

Kana: That's the conversation that I just heard, i do not know the real situation... last friday, Oikawa san had received a guy's love letter or something....

Aotabo: That guy... is it you, Waka? {Aotabo, you are so funny }

Rikuo: Of course not!! {あたりまいだろ}

Kana: Waka?

Rikuo: Ah! Ah hahaha.... what are you talking about, Kurata kun! Have you mistaken me for someone?

Aotabo: Hai? But Waka is wa

Rikuo: *interrupt* Aaaah~ That's enough.

Aotabo: Anyway, we know the reason why that fellow is acting so strangely.

Rikuo: But is that true?

Aotabo: Well, let's ask the person herself when we're back home.

Rikuo: Yeah.

(Nura house)

Tsurara: I'm sorry, Waka!!

Rikuo: Ah no, that is not a matter which you must apologize for..

Tsurara: But I had been hiding this from you...
Rikuo: So it's true? Receiving a love letter.....

Aotabo: But what are you going to do? As waka's bodyguard, you have actually become the object of some human's infatuation.

Tsurara: That is...

Aotabo: Maybe is that? You feel very happy? You have accepted this happy feeling when acting previous school radio dramas? Or should I said that towards the human, you.....

Kejourou: *sounds of hair hitting aotabo* Hum!

Aotabo: Uh! What are you doing, Kejourou!!

Kejourou: You are being insentient!

Aotabo: Hah? I being insentient?

Kejourou: That is you are insentient in things you don't understand.

Aotabo: What did you said??!

Kejourou: Wish to fight!? Come!~

Rikuo: Both of you, stop it. Now is not the time to quarrel.

Aotabo & Kejourou: *angrily* Hum....

Rikuo: Ne, Tsurara, that.. can you describe in more details? But I won't force you if you are unwilling to...

Aotabo: Cannot!! Waka!! Because of other stuff and give up being Waka's bodyguard *interrupt*

Kejourou: You! Be quiet!

Rikuo: So how? Tsurara.

Tsurara: Because I was so surprised, I did not replied him... and it never crossed my mind that I will be liked by anyone...

Aotabo: So is like... that? Stalker fellow? [I am pretty sure that I heard ストーカーや つ か but that doesn't make any sense]

Tsurara: It's not like that.. Nevertheless... my dilemma is really just look like a scene... {from shoujo manga I guess でも本当に私の kodo? わシーンきゃんみたいです <-- don't really get this too}

Kejourou: It has been hard on you, Yuki Onna.

Tsurara: *nod*

Aotabo: Ha? What hardship? If no, then said no. Straight away say that you don't like won't that *interrupt*

Kejourou: Ao! How dense can you be?!

Tsurara: No.. Aotabo is right. To let you all worried, I have failed as being a bodyguard. I will tell that person that I cannot like him..

Rikuo: But is that okay?

Tsurara: huh?

Rikuo: Ah.. that is Tsurara's dilemma... it's not something that I can meddle..

Kejourou: Waka~~~~

Rikuo: Eh? What is it, Kejourou?

Kejourou: Aaaahh don't tell me... you are jealous?

Tsurara: EH?!

Rikuo: Wait.. what?!

Kejourou: Some unknown guy has declared his admiration to the Yuki Onna who is always with you since young~ This can indeed make one feel irreconcilable~

Tsurara: Waka?

Rikuo: N...no, it's not like that!! I....

Kejourou; You're really~~~ shy~~~ Waka is still a kid ne~~~ *sound of tickling*

Rikuo: Already said that... it's not like that... Wait! Your hair is tickling me!! Kejourou!!

Kejourou: take this~~and this~~~

Rikuo: that's tickish~~

Tsurara: *happily* Waka... for my problem... Waka, he.... *Kejourou continues to tickle Rikuo in the background*

(After school)

Rikuo: *Sigh*

Aotabo: Waka.

Rikuo: Oh, Aotabo.

Aotabo: How is it? Yuki Onna that fellow...

Rikuo: .. will she be alright...

Aotabo: She should be with the guy now and telling him harshly, "I do not want to see your face again! Get out now!" That fellow will be saying this, right?

Rikuo: No.. she won't be so harsh..

Aotabo: But that fellow is chosen to be Waka's bodyguard. She should be doing her duty. {should be this meaning.. the chinese trans did not understand, neither do i :P}

Rikuo It is so, isn't it? ... but will that be alright?

Aotabo: Hai?

Rikuo: That's because I can't help but feel it's not right...

Aotabo: What's wrong with that? This is Yuki Onna's problem, it's not something we should bothered with.

Rikuo: Yes, that's right.... but....

Aotabo: Hmm.. oh well, if you really mind that much, how about going there to see the situation?

Rikuo: Of course not! That will be same as peeping!

Kiyotsugu: Peeping? What's going on?

Rikuo: AAAHhah! Kiyotsugu kun?!

Aotabo: You! How come cannot sense your presence??

Kiyotsugu: Hum hum , Nura kun is a guy too~ But that's wrong, Nura kun! As a member of Kiyojuji Paranormal Patrol, unlawful action is a no no!~

Rikuo: It's not like that!

Kiyotsugu: You all wish to see Oikawa kun's situation too?

Rikuo: Eh?

Aotabo: Yuki .. uh.. what happened to that fellow?

Kiyotsugu: Oh just now, I saw Oikawa kun was together with a guy.

Rikuo: Eh?!

Aotabo: What? How? How that happened?!!

Kiyotsugu: Hey.. what are you guys agitated about? How that what? She sure is doing a good job!

Aotabo: Doing a good job?

Rikuo: Don't tell me it's K...KISS?? But she did mentioned that she will reject or something....

Kiyotsugu: Already told you, what are you guys talking about from the beginning? She sure is doing a good job! For new Kiyojuji Paranormal Patrol member recruitment!

Rikuo & Aotabo: Huh?

Rikuo: Member?

Aotabo: Recruitment?

Kiyotsugu: Yaaaaa~~~ She is doing an outstanding job recently! Taking the initiative to recruit new member~~ She really is Kiyojuji Paranormal Patrol's role model!

Rikuo: Wait! Oikawa san really did that?

Kiyotsugu: What do you mean by that? This is a very important matter!

Aotabo: Eh hey! Did you really saw her doing that?

Kiyotsugu: Ah~ saw it. Accidentally saw them while was searching for any strange youkai presence in the school. There are only 2 of them on that rooftop. They seem to be in some serious conversation. Must be recruiting new member. Definitely!

Rikuo: eh? uh.. you only saw?

Kiyotsugu: Yeah! Using these two eyes. Clearly!

Rikuo: You did not hear anything?

Kiyotsugu: I can understand without listening! Mo~ Just as I joined in the recruitment, don't know why both of them stopped talking. Don't understand what's there to hide , so I obviously.. *interrupt*

Aotabo: That is to say that... you had interrupted them.

Kiyotsugu: Interrupted? You are being rude! I just want to help her *interrupt*

Aotabo: Completely wrong!!! That guy has given that fellow a lo.. *interrupt*

Rikuo: Ahah!! Cannot say!!

Aotabo: But because this guy had interrupted *interrupt*

Rikuo: Nevertheless must remain calm!

Aotabo: Hum...

Kiyotsugu: Sheesh! What happened to you guys!?! In any case, you both have to work hard in recruiting new members! Excuse me~ *sound of walking away*

Aotabo: What the! This bastard really made people felt offended!

Rikuo: Tsurara... is she alright? Sigh...

(School Rooftop)

Tsurara: *Sigh*... really vexing. What should I do? *sound of door opening* Uh? Who?

Rikuo: Tsurara..

Tsurara: Waka?!

Rikuo: Well... have you told him? {rikuo actually only said ええと... 終わったのか (finish?) in japanese}

Tsurara: Uh.. Because there's interruption, in the end... *interrupt*

Rikuo: I know talking about this will make it awkward for you, but I still feel worried..

Tsurara: Worried? Waka because of my problem? Thank... Thank you!! Nevertheless it will be alright! Although cannot convey very well, Tomorrow I will tell him clearly.

Rikuo: Wait, it's not like that... I think it's good...

Tsurara: Good? What do you mean?

Rikuo: That is... Tsurara, you liking that person...

Tsurara: Eh?

Rikuo: That is.. there's no need to force yourself to reject him.

Tsurara: Uh... Wait... Waka, what are you saying?

Rikuo: Don't worry, I will stand on your side, Tsurara. So, be honest with your feelings.

Tsurara: Wha..What are you talking about!! Waka!!

Rikuo: Eh?

Tsurara: That is impossible!! I am a youkai and he is a normal human being!!

Rikuo: But my mum and grandma are human beings too...

Tsurara: That's right.. but this is not relevant to that!

Rikuo: Although you might come across a lot of obstacles, I will always support you, Tsurara! I will help to convince everyone.

Tsurara: Wa...ka?

Rikuo: So, go for it, Tsurara.

Tsurara : Waka... is that okay?

Rikuo: Eh?

Tsurara: The guy and me... dating?

Rikuo: Yes..I believe Youkai and Human having that kind of relationship *interrupt*

Tsurara: It's not that! It's not between Youkai and Human.. it's... between that guy and me...

Rikuo: uh......in what way do you mean?

Tsurara: Waka, why.. Waka, why you do not understand?! *run off*

Rikuo: Ah! Tsurara!

Tsurara: Waka, you idiot!!!! *close door*

Rikuo: Tsurara... did I say anything weird? {..facepalm..}


Kejourou: Ah~~ Suddenly asked me to come to Bakenekoya, I thought what has happened.

Tsurara: That's because Waka said want to support me and also want me to go for it..

Kejourou: Even though it's young master, he is sure dense...

Rikuo: Waka he.. waka, he is okay with whatever i do.

Kejourou: ma ma *pat pat* don't be so depressed. Come~ Let's eat some delicious food~

Tsurara: I did not think about it at first! And also suddenly received a love letter, had surprised me! But, to start dating because of this, that's impossible!

Kejourou: Is Waka the reason?

Tsurara: Ri..right. I am Waka's bodyguard!

Kejourou: *sigh* this side is not being honest too..

Tsurara: *sigh* really~ what should I do? It will be wrong if I do not reject him soon.

Kejourou: Hmmmm... but actually it's alright to stop being troubled by this.

Tsurara: Huh? What do you mean, Kejourou? Are you saying it's useless to be troubled by it??

Kejourou: Don't be angry, it's not like that. I have heard something.

Tsurara: Heard.. what?

Kejourou: Hmm? Today at school~

Tsurara: Wait! Why are you in school?!

Kejourou: Hm? That's because I am infirmary teacher.

Tsurara: Huh? Don't tell me... you are using the disguise that you created when we were deciding on who to be Waka's bodyguards?

Kejourou: *laugh* well, the students that came to my infirmary had told me that~ the boy who gave you the love letter will soon be.... *voice fade away*


Rikuo: Eh? Will be going abroad for studies?

Kiyotsugu: Yes, that's right... what a pity~~

Rikuo: Ah.. wait, how did you know?

Kiyotsugu: Heard it straight from the horse's mouth.

Rikuo: The person himself?

Kiyotsugu: Shouldn't just rely on Oikawa kun! As the leader of Kiyojuji Paranormal Patrol, I will do my best too! That's what I thought at first, haha... never thought that he is going to study overseas ah..

Rikuo: Study overseas... no way..

Kiyotsugu: Really a pity! Oikawa kun had worked so hard on it! But wait! This might be a chance!! If he goes overseas after joining patrol, this means that there will be Kiyojuji Paranormal Patrol member in other country too! In that case, Kiyojuji Paranormal Patrol's overseas mission begins!! Really wonderful!! What a great plan ah~~~ Is this blessing in disguise? Isn't that excellent! Don't you think so, Nura kun?? Nura kun?? When did he disappear? Ooiii!! Nura kun??!!

(School rooftop) *door opens with a bang* *sound of running*

Rikuo: Tsurara!!!

Tsurara: Uh.. waka?

Rikuo: Thank goodness! Found you!

Tsurara: Are there any instructions for me? Ah as for lunchbox, I have placed it in Waka's locker.

Rikuo: Have you told him?

Tsurara: Eh?

Rikuo: That is have you replied the guy who gave you love letter?

Tsurara: That.. why did you suddenly mention that matter?

Rikuo: That person is going overseas for studies soon! You won't get to see him!

Tsurara: ... it seems to be so...

Rikuo: Eh? You knew? Tsurara...

Tsurara: Yes...

Rikuo: Then why are you still here?? Hurry up and get going!

Tsurara: Get going?

Rikuo: Without fail! To where that person is! {I think I heard 決まっているでしょう! その人そどこだよ!}

Tsurara: Waka, you mean that I am to go to that person? Is that ..an order?

Rikuo: It's not like an order... This, as it is *interrupt*

Tsurara: Then please leave me alone!!! This is my problem!!

Rikuo: Tsurara..

Tsurara: Excuse me! {as in goodbye, 失礼します}

Rikuo: Wait a moment! Is that really alright? It's a long awaited admiration he has for you.

Tsurara: Long awaited, is it? I don't remember asking him to like me.

Rikuo: such.. {そんな}

Tsurara: And that person thinks that I am a human.

Rikuo: That's.. right..

Tsurara: If we date and he finds out that I am a Youkai, surely... *interrupt*

Rikuo: Such.. such a matter... *interrupt*

Tsurara: excuse me...

Rikuo: Wait! Human and Youkai most likely will understand each other. *interrupt*

Tsurara: That's not possible! Because even so close, {he} still cannot comprehend... so, it's not possible. Waka, do not interfere in my affairs again.

Aotabo: Oi oi! that's enough.

*sound of footsteps*

Tsurara: Ah!?

Aotabo: Really, so noisy right from the beginning.

Kejourou: That's not like you, Yuki Onna.

Tsurara: Aotabo!? And Kejourou?

Aotabo: Won't it be best if you just go and see him? The person who likes you is changing schools, isn't it the same as what you had wished beforehand?

Tsurara: It's not that simple! The current conversation and one before are totally different!

Kejourou: Oh well, what you like is lovely dovey sweet love. But bitterness is also a part of love. Yuki Onna, I understand your feelings, that's because both of us are girls..

Aotabo: Girl? HAHA you're not considered young.. *sound of hair beating* Ouch! *cough*

Kejourou: That painful feeling of yours, do you want to let others experience it too?

Tsurara: that.. has nothing to do with me..

Kejourou: Unable to meet the person you like for one last time is very painful...

Tsurara: ... oh....

Rikuo: That's right, Tsurara. What Kejourou mentioned is correct *interrupt*

Kejourou: Hai~~ Waka, stop.

Rikuo: Eh?

Kejourou: *whisper* Yuki Onna, I understand your request, however, now please bear with it. Waka is still a kid. In order to let Waka mature into a man, you have to grow up for him to see. {erm that's what i heard for the first sentence 依頼をするの解るけど}

Tsurara: Me?

Kejourou: Yes. you!

Tsurara: I.. for Waka's sake..? Waka.. for Waka's sake! *runs off*

Rikuo: Ah Tsurara!

Aotabo: Ooooiii~ Go go~ She is certainly zealous~ In the end, she still really likes that *sound of hair beating*

Kejourou: Hm!! *hair beating*

Aotabo: Ouch! You!! How many, just how many times are you going to hit?!

Kejourou: Aaaah! Boys sure are dense.. Not only you, Waka too.

(School gates) *sound of engine starting and driving off*

Tsurara: *running* Wait~~!! *car stopped* *running and out of breath* Thank goodness, just in time~! *car door opens* ..Sorry for calling you out like this... But I have to tell you something before you change school.... Leaving this as it is, I thought it will be alright. But someone told me it's not... that's why right now, I want to say clearly... I.. to you....
{she is very sweet and earnest in this, I think my english translation makes her sound a bit rude}

(School Rooftop)

Rikuo: Should be okay, right? Tsurara...

Aotabo: Waka, if you are worried, why not go and take a look *interrupt*

Kejourou: Cannot! Absolutely!

Aotabo: Why? What's wrong with it? just a peek!

Kejourou: Isn't that an absolutely no? You have treated young girl's innocent feelings as what?

Aotabo: What young girl's innocent feelings. Right, Waka?

Rikuo: Eh? aha.. sorry, i did not hear...

Aotabo: Uh.. please get a hold of yourself, waka!

Kejourou: Waka? You are so anxious about Yuki Onna?

Rikuo: yes.. i am.. Yuki Onna is always by my side from the moment I was born. She is like family.

Kejourou: Family, is it?

Rikuo: If.. I said if...Tsurara, she and that guy were to go to a very faraway place.. *interrupt*

Aotabo: WHAT??!! Yuki Onna that fellow has treat Nura clan as *interrupt*

Kejourou: AO!!

Rikuo: Although I'm happy that Tsurara has found happiness, I do not wish for her to move very far..

Kejourou: *happily* Waka~ That's to say~

Rikuo: AAAh! Don't misunderstand! It's not like that... Just wish that from hereafter, she will be by my side like a family just as before.

*door open* *foot steps*

Tsurara: I am back~

Rikuo: Tsurara!!

Kejourou: *sound of running* Nee nee~~ Waka just said something very wonderful~ for you to be beside him the whole time *giggle* {heard ずっとそばいたらし}

Rikuo: AAAAA! Wait, Kejourou!! Anyway, how is it? You met him?

Tsurara: Yes!

Rikuo: is that so..

Aotabo: Then, have you said it? "I hate you! Don't wish to see you again" *hair hitting*

Kejourou: That is why!! It's best that you die like this!!

Aotabo: *can't breathe* Uh... ha...hair...

Rikuo: {you} say dislike after all?

Tsurara: No~

Rikuo: That.. no way..

Kejourou: Eh? Really? Yuki Onna?

Rikuo: Ne!! What happened? Tsurara! Ne!!

Tsurara: Are you.. anxious?

Rikuo: Eh?

Tsurara: Are you anxious to know what I told that person?

Rikuo: Yes... anxious...

Tsurara: is that so?

Rikuo: but Tsurara, if you don't want to say.. I will not force you.

Tsurara: I understand. Then I won't say it~

Rikuo: EH??!!

Aotabo: OI!! Having said that, still... *hair shutting mouth*

Kejourou: Yes! Didn't I told you not to speak!

Rikuo: eeh wait! Really not saying??

Tsurara: Yes~ Because that is a girl's secret. And Waka said it's alright too~

Rikuo: That's right however..

Tsurara: Well, I will be leaving first~ Tomorrow I must do my best at being Waka's bodyguard~ Excuse me~ *giggle**run off*

Rikuo: Ah wait!!!! Tsurara!! *run off*

Kejourou: *laugh* still it's a happy celebration for now~

Aotabo: where's the happy celebration? I don't get it at all!

Kejourou: It's alright~ even if you don't understand.

{from here to the end, the voices keep getting fainter}

Rikuo: Ne~ Tsurara~ What happened in the end? To that person, did you really *interrupt*

Tsurara: Well, didn't I told you it's a secret? You're pestering non-stop, waka~ {heard 言い続って}

Rikuo: I do not wish to pester too~

Tsurara: Then what do you want?

Rikuo: I'm just worried about you, Tsurara...

Tsurara: So what about me that makes you worry?

Rikuo: That..

{The End}

(с) migurushii

Сюжет драмы пишется не со слов мангаки, а просто студией, выпускающей аниме. Вроде бы :) Просто голоса сейю послушать...

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2011-11-13 в 20:06 

Absit omen
СД-драма по "Нуре", аааа! Оно бывает, оно существует! :inlove:
Спасибо огромное!

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Не за что :)
Их даже несколько! Только достать их сложновато в сети


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