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И никого не осталось, да-да.
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- the brain seems to act as some sort of like a transmitor that is able to collect the current battle information outside(seriously unsure)
- kubinashi seems to be struggling because he is inside tama's acting stage thus his strength n power seems to overpower him as kubi is a "villian"
-wakana was able to figure out that since tama's act have a story sсript, anything outside the sсript such as a gun would have some effect on him/her, she also say smething about wanting to do this since she is the wife of the clans leader
-apparently, rihan saved wakana years ago when she was possessed by some spirit n ever since then, their relation have been good
-wakana asked for rihan age n she say she would live longer than he is as she wants to always look out for him
-rihan than ask kubi who age longer, yokai or human, b4 he could answer, rihan states that if it was wakana, mayb she really could live longer than rihan
-kubi also says that wakana is the reason why rihan was able to relive the happiness he once lost n declared that he would not let him take away wakana's smile
-lastly rikuo was able to narrow down the location of enchou to one last location n they charge straight to it

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2011-11-02 в 18:44 

I'm your anti hero
Almaryd, о, спасибо.
У меня челюсть на пол упала. Вакана крута, с пистолетом ходит О_О Ходила. А вообще кошмар какой-то идёт, страшно читать дальше. Но Рюдзи, присоединившийся к Параду, доставляет.

2011-11-02 в 19:16 

Мэй_Чен, но какая красота идет... :) Чисто эстетически-здорово
Ага, пришел-как будто так и надо :)

2011-11-02 в 19:16 

Чтобы штурмовать небеса, нужно хорошо знать язык Ада
и информацию про отношения Рихана и Ваканы узнаем)))


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